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   Shaping a better life

   Forging a kinder world

    Building a brighter tomorrow

For tomorrow is always today’s purpose and with a clear vision of that purpose we have set up TAF.        A foundation, Bengali in spirit and universal in approach, which will be working to empower the underprivileged in areas of livelihood, education and healthcare primarily in but not limited to West Bengal.

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About Us

Halfway through 2020 we can safely say that the present has a lot to be desired. But it is after all the present that always carries the possibility of a shining future. So despite all the challenges and travails we feel that we should nurture it, retain the lessons it teaches us and try and embark on the initial steps of a  journey. A journey that we hope will unite a lot of us and give us the opportunity of building something meaningful together – a whole that is a lot more than the sum of its parts.

So a few of us who share the same alma mater - St Xavier’s Kolkata, strewn all over the globe and  pursuing varied professions have come together to form TAF.  With the unique combination of our intent, expertise and varied skillsets  the purpose of the foundation is to alleviate poverty  and encourage sustainable means of livelihood, at first in our home state and then beyond.



Our vision is to create a strong framework for a safer, friendlier and more compassionate world around us – a world devoid of the barriers of caste, creed and religion.  It is to foster independent and sustainable communities. It is also to make a real difference and bring about significant change wherever most required, working alongside people and helping them to help themselves.

The  Alingan   Foundation

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TAF to learn more about our work and

how you can make a difference.

Address : 19A, Palit St., Kolkata - 700019


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