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High Fives

Our Scope of Work

THE ALINGAN FOUNDATION will strive to be the catalyst to bring about social, economic and legal empowerment of the deprived and the underprivileged. Apart from disaster management and relief activites the foundation is chalking out comprehensive plans in the fields of education, healthcare and encouraging micro enterprises.


Healthcare as a human right, allows people to primarily have access to a dignified life without worry of debilitating ailments. TAF with its connect to leading practitioners in the medical field will have a holistic programme, which will include and involve local doctors and surgeons for an extensive dependable network of professionals all the way up from the grassroot level. 

TAF ( The Alingan Foundation) is to ensure that we reach to maximum possible for a Hunger Free Life. TAF would cater the same to any caste , creed or religion.


As Nelson Mandela famously said that education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world, it still remains the primary challenge in large swathes of Bengal. TAF will be working with some of the most accomplished and most experienced people from the field, a number from the Xavier's alumni itself, to draw up comprehensive programmes for children and the youth. There will be specialized programmes for adults too.



Poverty is too pervasive and complex to be tackled with any one singular approach. It is not only about attending to actual physical needs, it is also about instilling the self belief and confidence in people to break out of the vicious cycle of deprivation and want.

So in tandem with our efforts in the fields of healthcare and education our goal is to bring about inclusive and sustainable economic stability in the regions we are working in. That is why our goal is to empower people regardless of caste, creed and religion -  specially the empowerment of women which we recognize as a main necessity for development. 


For every young man who believes that dreams can come true if one has the courage to pursue them, there should be some means of financial support and encouragement. We at TAF will have a special fund and our team of financial experts, who will provide monetary aid and guidance to the small scale entrepreneurs and fledgling enterprises. 

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